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Are you struggling to live your greatest potential?

Overcome the stuck energy and patterns that are holding you back, that may not even be in your conscious awareness. 

Embrace your natural, divine gifts —or Soul Gifts— and hold the key to unlock a more fulfilling life and a flourishing career.

Connect to your intuition and how to use this for yourself in your business.

Make a greater impact and build your business faster, more efficiently, and completely aligned to you.

Shane Stanton testimonial image

“Sarrah helped me dive deep into what has been getting in the way of me living a life where I’m fully self-expressed. I have a new awareness now and feel empowered to live the life of my dreams, I can honestly say I am now living a limitless life! … My income grew 75% and I am super thrilled with that! Thank you, Sarrah!”

~ Shane Stanton, Limitless Life By Design

Dr Kezia Shine

“I have been on my spiritual path for several decades, searching for my true meaning or gift. I was still lost on how to get there until I met Sarrah! The car is finally in drive instead of sitting in park trying to find the directions on the map. I love Sarrah, and her gift to help all of us discover what our special gifts are in this lifetime.”

~ Dr. Kezia Shine

Abundant Clarity Package

Live your greatest potential by unlocking how you’re built to operate so you can have true freedom, fulfillment, and purposeful impact with ease.  Remove the blocks holding you back and robbing you of your energetic force, that may not even be in your conscious awareness. Embrace your natural, divine gifts —or Soul Gifts— and hold the key to unlock a more fulfilling life.

How it works: This prerequisite and foundational Soul work includes two 60-minute sessions with a 30-minute follow up integration. We will be covering a lot of information very quickly, so all meetings will be held live online via Zoom to be recorded for you to keep. You will also receive a PDF overview of the information we cover for your ease of reference.

Session 1: Your personal Soul Gift Profile. We’ll discuss how your gifts show up,both positively and negatively, and how to use these gifts to the fullest, creating more alignment and ease in your life immediately.

Session 2: Understand your energetic blocks. These are what create obstacles and day-to-day struggles. We’ll talk about how you’ll clear these energies and what else you can do to solidify this in your life to move forward powerfully.

Session 3: 30-minute check-in integration. We will use this time to wrap up and bring together all the work you’ve done!

After this program, you can expect to have more energy as your blocks begin to melt away and you step into more of your true path and purpose with ease. You will gain clarity on how to best move forward in your life to create more of what you want now. 

Investment: $597 or 2 payments of $298.50

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Abundant Entrepreneur + Lifestyle Program

Ready to take your life and business to the next level? Want to increase your income, fulfillment, and freedom? Then this is for you!

This program takes what we uncovered in the Abundant Clarity package to help you truly embody your gifts, and align your business and your relationships to live your purpose - and achieve your vision and goals - with ease. Based on your needs, focus will include, but not limited to, product + service structure, marketing, sales, and how to connect with and build strong relationships with your clients. If needed, we may also be spending time on how you can uplift your current or desired relationships, and your connection to yourself, to support you in a more fulfilling way.

How it works: Three months of work together. The above Abundant Clarity package is a prerequisite to this work.

  • Two-hour in-person kick-off session. 
    • Business and/or relationship overview to guide your individualized work.
    • Create a plan of what we will focus on during the program, in alignment with your goals and your specific needs. 
    • Hands-on energy work and massage to ground, integrate, and release. 
  • Four 1-hour sessions, held every other week via zoom online, recorded for you to keep.
    • Deep dives into your specific needs as outlined in the retreat day. 
    • Continued energetic analysis of your business and/or relationships, and adjustments needed to create the highest alignment with your gifts and purpose.
    • Clearings of any blocks that rise to the surface as you quickly transform and reach your goals. 
    • Supportive “Soul information” and how to connect more deeply with your Spiritual support team and your personal inner guidance system. 
  • Two-hour in-person wrap-up session. 
    • Celebrate the work you’ve done and create a plan for going forward. 
    • Hands-on energy work and massage session to ground and integrate.
  • Bonuses
    • Unlimited email support. 
    • Two 30-min check-in calls.
    • 1-hour follow up call 3-months after program completion.

Investment: $2247 or 5 payments of $450

Click here for your free discovery call to find out if this service is right for you.

Jennifer Wilson Testimonial

“Every day I feel my higher self and purpose for this life. I see myself differently, strong, brave, independent, compassionate and beautiful! I am happy she put me in touch with my higher self, my divine gifts and spirit guides. I now see and feel my life moving in the direction that will fulfill my desires.”

~ Jennifer Wilson

Kennis Look

“She is a gentle and caring practitioner who guides clients to gain insight and self-understanding to become our healthiest and happiest selves. I'm so grateful to Sarrah for all her support and wisdom over the years as I continue on my journey to realize my highest truth.”

~ Kennis Look

The world is waiting for what only you can offer

If you continue to stay stuck, hide, play it safe, and remain the person everyone else expects you to be, you will not only block your journey toward more personal freedom and empowerment, you will limit your ability to reach the people that you are here to serve.

You are here to:

  • Recognize the beauty only your Soul can offer to the world.

  • Reclaim the abundance your Soul longs for.

  • Align to the rhythm of your Soul’s divinity.

  • Live your complete wholeness and expand into an even greater version of you!

It’s time to step into your full potential, love and nurture yourself, live your brilliance, and fully integrate your self-worth.

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