I am here to support you to truly recognize and own the value of who you are and what only you can do on this planet, Earth and in the Universal space we share collectively.

We will work together and set crystal clear intentions for what you want to create in your life and form an action plan for your unique Soul Blueprint, to ground your Divinity into your daily reality.

Together, we create change in your daily life circumstances and by doing this, you will begin to see purposeful profits, time, freedom and wellbeing in both yourself and your relationships.

I will support you in the transition to live a vibrant life and create your Heart's Desire.

my soul services help you to:

Cultivate your energy to commence your healing process.
Recognize old patterns and stuck emotions and release them.
Achieve goals with grace and ease.
Create an abundance of love, financial wealth and success.
Become accepting of your life experiences and see the positive purpose of every experience.
Allow yourself full permission to be and say what you want with truth and emotional equanimity, as you watch your finances and relationships flourish.


This Intensive is designed to create a high level of transformation, quickly. Included in the half-day recorded web intensive is an in depth look at your Soul's Gifts. Discover the true, natural gifts that you are here to share with the world and that will create your highest level of success, fulfillment and abundance.

We will also be removing the hidden blocks holding you back and doing gentle yet effective clearing work to clear these. This allows you to let go of what does not serve you and in its place focus your attention on what actions will bring your highest abundance, in the most natural way.

Energy Exchange: $997
Duration: 4 hours + 1 hour follow up session

Here are the cornerstones of our work together. You will:

• Know who you are at Soul level and use your intuition to tune into your personal, unique Soul Blueprint.

• Learn how to care for your temple of creation and manifestation of your body, energy fields, mental and emotional programming, and how to listen to your Spirit Guide team.

• Become quiet and still with your sacred inner guidance and set clear intentions to create an action plan to live in your truth and be of service to others.

• Create healthier relationships with a deeper, fulfilling connection to yourself and your loved ones.

• Give yourself permission to live with an abundance of money, in less time, doing what comes naturally to you. Making purposeful profits in a business with Soul.

You will commit to moving forward with intention and action, effortlessly.

Welcome to the path, we walk together, on an adventure into your Soul's Inspired Purpose and Unique Gifts!

client love


When I had my first soul gift reading with Sarrah, she helped me to validate what I knew my gifts were so I could fully stand in my power. It was clear she knew and understood what the drawbacks of my gifts were and gave me supportive guidance on how to move past those blocks and even gave me some tools to use to balance my chakras. I was also thrilled to learn how I could connect with my ideal clients in a way that best suits my soul purpose, to invite them into my world, in a way that serves my highest good and theirs. She was very specific on things I could say during discovery sessions so that I can fully connect with my ideal clients. After my reading, I look forward to continuing to work with Sarah and take my spirituality to the next level.
Cati Winkel, The Empowered Parent Coach


This experience with Sarrah has been amazing!   I can't wait for our time together and to hear the insight she has.   One of my favorite parts of this process is how Sarrah turns my negative chatter into these positive affirmations and changes my thought pattern so quickly.  Every day I feel my higher self and purpose for this life.   I see myself different, strong, brave, independent, compassionate and beautiful! Sarrah's intuitive gifts are special!  I am happy she put me in touch with my higher self, my divine gifts and spirit guides. Through out this process I see and feel my life moving in the direction that will fulfill goals and wants in life.    She has given me an ability to see my spirituality, sexuality and finances in more light!   I love her so much and am so happy for her to give me this amazing life's gift!   Thanks so much!
Jennifer Wilson, Speech Pathologist 


Sarrah knows what all great healers know - that we all ultimately heal ourselves. She is a gentle and caring practitioner who listens, asks questions, and guides clients through a session so that we may ultimately gain insight and self-understanding to become our healthiest and happiest selves. I'm so grateful to Sarrah for all her support and wisdom over the years as I continue on my journey to realize my highest truth. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Sarrah!!
Kennis Look