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All Inclusive Retreat + 6 month Soul Purpose Package

Are you ready to break free from:
Negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in lack and limitation?
Not recognizing your true value and your worth?
Being unclear on your purpose in this world?
Struggling to feel supported - in your wealth, health, and love?
Feeling disconnected from your own intuition, like there’s more to gain from your spiritual support team?
Living a life that’s less than fulfilling and joyous?

then its time to give yourself the suppot you deserve

My heart has always heard my Soul’s call, waiting for me to step into it right away, not 5 years from now or when things “slow down.” That my ultimate fulfilment and doing purposeful work to create more good in the world is achievable.

I’m willing to bet your heart has the same knowing. Your Soul has the same call. To uplift yourself and others. To create a positive impact in the world.

This program is for you, if you’re ready to:

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    Recognize your true Divinity and align to your Soul Purpose.

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    Connect to your Inner Guidance and Intuition to move you forward.

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    Transcend the limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back.

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    Have a clear plan of action to create the abundance of finances, health, and relationships you desire.

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    All while being nurtured and empowered to create quick AND sustainable change.


discover your brilliance

An intro intensive to reveal your true Soul gifts and identify your blocks. We will discuss your Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint and your unique Purpose. We will also delve into how you can begin to notice the energetic patterns that keep you stuck and how to reconstruct your energy. We will meet via video webinar and will record the session for you to keep.


uncover your passion

A two-day, one-night all inclusive retreat, surrounded by the beauty of nature at the luxurious Circle S Ranch in Lawrence, KS (travel expenses to and from resort not included). Your retreat will begin and end with hands-on energy work, essential oils, massage, and guided meditation. Nature walks and a horseback ride will help you get back into your body, connecting you with Mother Nature, and vibrating at the level of new action right away.

During this retreat, you will:

  • Tune into your intuition and learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides in an ongoing way.
  • Have a clear sense of how to uplift your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Reclaim the gifts in the blocks you have been experiencing, and release them for good.
  • Bring to light your Purposeful Life Plan, the clear intention and passionate why of what you are here to create.


recover your abundance

Ongoing support to implement your Purposeful Life Plan and create lasting changes. Over the course of 12 weeks, we continue working together in one-on-one live web sessions, every other week. On the off weeks, you will receive a short video and guided meditations to keep you motivated and moving forward.

If you think the only way to find your purpose and trust your intuition is to sit for hours in meditation, muddling through life for years until you “get it,” you’re wrong.

If you think trying to be nice to everyone will bring you the happiness, love, and joy you desire, you’re wrong.

If you think “now is not a good time” because you have to push through whatever life circumstances you’re in before you can focus on creating what you want, you’re wrong.

If you think your physical health, relationship with money (or lack thereof), and quality of relationships are all completely separate, you’re wrong.

I know because I’ve been a people pleaser, putting myself and my needs after everyone else. I’ve tried to push through life, and thinking “it’s all fine, you can take care of yourself later” got me nowhere. I tried to compartmentalize each piece of my life and it left me feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I didn’t know how to completely trust and follow my inner guidance.

My Soul Purpose is to hold sacred space and facilitate transformation into your ultimate bliss. I am here to shorten the journey through your shadow side, so you may stand in your brilliance and worth. I look forward to hearing your story and going on this journey with you.

In love, light, and blessings,
Sarrah Chapman