Client Love (Testimonials)

Hear from my some of my clients


Sarrah is unlike any energetic expert you'll ever work with. She can give you amazing insight into how you are built, delivered with her special blend of compassion, enthusiasm and encouragement that leaves you inspired and ready to step into your purpose. When I was in a major transitional moment in my life, using her unique abilities, Sarrah was able to share information with me about my personal energetic profile that shed light on so much of my past experience and provided an unequivocal understanding that I was on exactly the right path. When it comes to business, she is my go-to expert on how best to convey my message, services, and process in a way that's fully aligned with me and where I'm going. If you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be, do yourself a favor and work with Sarrah to gain the kind of clarity that will get you on track and set you up for success!

Maki Moussavi

After working with Sarrah, my life has been exploding with personal and business breakthroughs ever since!
She helped me learn how to deal with my direct family in a more positive way and also helped me channel and focus my energy in my business.
She helped me see where I wanted to go in both areas of life and I am so thankful.
Not only did she help me understand the words “purposeful profits” she has helped me successfully grow my business into areas I never thought I would reach and I know I wouldn’t have on my own.

Through Sarrah's ability to help me hone in and focus the right energy in my business, I successfully took a monthly income "dream" and manifested it to my new consistent reality!

I started with a single, just budding business and I now have two flourishing enterprises that show so much promise for even more growth in the coming future.
Had I not had Sarrah to help me focus the energy and understand my true desire I wouldn’t be experiencing this amazing life!
Thank you Sarrah!

~ Liz Jackson  

“I have worked with Sarrah Chapman for several months and I can’t say enough amazing things about her.  She has guided me, lifted me and kept me on my path with starting my medical spa. She is one of the most amazing, truly gifted people I know.  She will give you more insight to yourself, family, career, relationships or any area of your life you need guidance in. Every single time I finished a session with Sarrah I felt reenergized and back on the path of my journey I needed to be on.  There are some very difficult times when starting a new business and she was a rock for me! She helped me realize my true gifts and those soul gifts of my employees and how we could be the best team together and appreciate what we each bring to the table.  She also reminded me of what my soul gifts are and that they are being used everyday to build the best Medical Spa around and that I have the ability to make it happen. Her spirit is of light and beauty!! She is seriously an angel here on earth and I love her dearly!”   

Suzanne Williams

The Real Spa

“I have been on my spiritual path for several decades, and have been searching for my true meaning or gift. I have been having this burning feeling that there is something more, something bigger for me to do. This search has been so intense that it has occupied most of my brains free space. Listening to books, podcasts, getting reading after reading from psychics, akashic records, etc. everyone and everything kept giving me the same message of what I am to do, which I already knew, but I was still lost on how to get there until I met Sarrah! After my soul gift reading, I was finally able to see the breadcrumb trail that I need to follow to get to where it is that I need to go. From that moment, I feel like the car is finally in drive instead of sitting in park trying to find the directions on the map. I love Sarrah, and her gift to help all of us discover what our special gifts are in this lifetime.  Thanks Sarrah..... Light and Love always Dr. Shine”

~ Dr. Kezia Shine

Sarrah knows what all great healers know - that we all ultimately heal ourselves. She is a gentle and caring practitioner who guides clients to gain insight and self-understanding to become our healthiest and happiest selves. I'm so grateful to Sarrah for all her support and wisdom over the years as I continue on my journey to realize my highest truth. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Sarrah!!

~ Kennis Look

My experience with Sarrah has been amazing! She turns my negative chatter into these positive affirmations and changes my thought pattern quickly. Every day I feel my higher self and purpose for this life. I see myself differently, strong, brave, independent, compassionate and beautiful! I am happy she put me in touch with my higher self, my divine gifts and spirit guides. I now see and feel my life moving in the direction that will fulfill my desires. She has given me an ability to see myself in more light! I love her so much and am so happy for her to give me this amazing life's gift! Thanks so much!

~ Jennifer Wilson

When I had my first soul gift reading with Sarrah, she helped me to validate what I knew my gifts were so I could fully stand in my power. It was clear she knew and understood what the drawbacks of my gifts were and gave me supportive guidance on how to move past those blocks and even gave me some tools to use to balance my chakras. I was also thrilled to learn how I could connect with my ideal clients in a way that best suits my soul purpose, to invite them into my world, in a way that serves my highest good and theirs. She was very specific on things I could say during discovery sessions so that I can fully connect with my ideal clients. After my reading, I look forward to continuing to work with Sarrah and take my spirituality to the next level.

~ Cati Winkel

As a small business owner and the one and only employee of the company, Sarrah has been an amazing resource for me throughout my business growth. Sarrah has given me answers to so many questions that come up in business; "Should I partner with this person?"

"How should I market myself?"

"Why does this feel so scary?"

"Is this the right next step?"

I know that when I have something come up and I'm not quite sure where to go or what to do, I have Sarrah and her amazing gifts to help me through. I have 100% grown my business with Sarrah by my side.

Alyssa Deiter, Soul Space KC

I am beyond grateful for having a session with Sarrah. She is so great at listening and really helped me dive deep into what has been getting in the way of me living a life where I’m fully self-expressed and being heard! There was tons of insight gained and recognized some blind spots that have been hindering my life and what was possible. I have a new awareness now and feel empowered to live the life of my dreams, I can honestly say I am now living a limitless life! Also, we made an agreement to challenge myself, and my income grew 75% and I am super thrilled with that! Thank you, Sarrah!

~ Shane Stanton,