welcome, my name is sarrah


I hold this sacred space of healing with loving acceptance and non-judgement to help you remember your wholeness and self-worth.

By working with my own Akashic Records and Soul Story, I’ve learned to value my personal gifts. I see people in their highest potential, in their Light and Divine gifts, through a bright and positive viewpoint to help uplift others. Yet, I have not always recognized this within and have experienced the shadow side of these gifts for too many years.

Once upon a time, I lived the old way; as a child I was a people pleaser. Sound familiar? I too, like you have, lived in the old story; putting on a mask to hide my true emotions in order to make others feel virtuous. I was hiding; I didn’t value or honor my worth and I held my old stuff that didn’t serve my Soul Purpose. You may know this story.

I’m here to guide you to your Soul Purpose. You no longer have to be an enigma to yourself, your life, and your Soul Purpose.

what is your story?

Mine began when I played the role of a peacekeeper at the expense of my own feelings after suffering my parents nasty divorce. The path I was on, back then, led me to suicidal thoughts and depression, it came with a loathing of my heavy, obese body which was my vehicle.

Somehow, through all my pain, I could feel my spiritual support team - even though I had no words for it at the time - I slowly began to cultivate a bright, sunny disposition.

It didn’t last … in high school, depression and body hatred found me again. This time, it came with bulimia. Little did I know, then, I was binging just before my mother came home every afternoon to numb, suppress and keep me from my truth. Something within was always trying to control something external.

It’s different for all of us; food was my thing.

My spiritual support team began to speak, I would awaken at night and feel a presence: voices. Now, I know my Angels and Guides were reaching out, at the time it only frightened the heck out of me. Unknowingly, I shut them out, shut down my emotions, and I began drinking excessively. Alcohol became my thing and then, cigarettes and then drugs. I partied. I blacked out. I was bruised. I kept up. I outdrank everyone. I became numb.

And, then I heard the whispers of my Soul, again.
I concocted different essential oils, healing herbs, natural remedies and even found a community class on Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure for self-help.

I was alone, just like you have been on your journey.

I was living in two parallel worlds. As I was holding pressure points to help my lung function and improve my wellbeing, I smoked a packet of cigarettes. Then I drank more as I continued to live in my own self-made prison, stuck, helpless and numb.

Letting go of my addictions, substance abuse and self-destruction seemed impossible, until one day, an enlightening occurrence came my way: I could see clearly my Oneness with all humanity and Mother Earth. I was momentarily propelled towards a journey of natural healing with an organic lifestyle. I longed to escape to this world, and to heal, but the disparity only led to my darkest depression, ever!

I tried counseling and I continued to struggle balancing the two worlds.

I kept-on, found a corporate job, kept partying, and wore my people-pleasing-mask. As I practiced healing modalities as a hobby, I partied, drank and did what I had to do to fit in. I was different, miserable and hiding behind a desk each day, even though I heard my Soul calling for more.

I quit my job, slowly let go of my self-destructive behavior and struggled through massage school, trying to make ends meet. I was living in a “lack mindset” of never having enough money, of never having enough of anything.

The shift finally came, it wasn’t until I began to learn more about who I am at Soul level and valued my gifts, that I began to really listen and trust my own inner knowing.

I gave myself permission to be who I am and to live my authentic self.

Now, I am able to hold space and facilitate the type of transformation I know is possible for the people I am here to serve. From my dark experience, I’ve created the offerings and services to help you on your transformational journey. Wherever you are, I can meet you and guide you each step of the way.

By discovering the essence and nature of my Soul and how to use that to create a wholehearted way of living, I no longer struggle in business, I no longer feel like a wounded healer.

It’s true, we all get to where we're going, eventually. Why wait? When we are bold and step into the good work our Soul is calling us to do, we shorten the journey. My Soul Purpose is to shorten the journey through the shadow side for you, so you may stand in your brilliance and worth.

What's your story?

How can your journey from shadow to living your brilliance be shortened? Please share with me, learn more about working with me here, and join my Soul Abundance IQ Facebook group.

MY QUALIFICATIONS: Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Raindrop Essential Oil Treatments, Emotional Release Essential Oil Technique, and Soul Realignment Akashic Record Readings.


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